I won’t start off with cheers, because they don’t say that in Amsterdam…

I spent this past weekend in Amsterdam, which was a great experience. Of course Amsterdam is famous for the Red Light District, the Heineken Factory, as well as the entire city smelling like a certain plant. All of these aspects of the city were very interesting and worth experiencing, however the city offers much more too!

First of all, if you are ever in Amsterdam, you need to eat some cheese. On Sunday morning we found a farmers market and bought a big block of gouda cheese and ate it while we went on a canal tour. The canal tour is also something great to do. We sat in the back part where the boat was open because it was a beautiful day. The tour was a great way to see and learn about the entire city. While on the canal tour, I experienced a HUGE coincidence. I met a man who had attended the College of Wooster and was a graduate of the class of 1969. You don’t find many people in the United States who have heard of Wooster, yet I managed to meet a graduate in the Netherlands.

Some other interesting places to go in Amsterdam are Anne Frank’s house, the tulip gardens, and the Van Gogh Museum. Of these places, I think the tulip garden was my favorite. Tents filled with tulips (real, plastic, and wooden) lined the street, with cute cafe’s on the other side. In the tulip shops you could also buy wooden clogs, grow-your-own tulip kits, and many other souvenirs. Amsterdam was certainly a lot different from England, but I really enjoyed it.

P.S. On the way home, we stopped at a chocolate factory in Belgium which may have been the highlight of the trip for me.

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My name is Erin Davison and I am a math major and soccer player at the College of Wooster. I have traveled a lot with my family in the past, and always knew I wanted to study abroad in college. I am very excited to live in Lancaster, England for 5 months!
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