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So, this past Wednesday was the Lancaster Women’s Football team’s first home game of the season against Keele University (I have never heard of Keele but apparently it is in the midlands). Keele is ranked number one in the league, and Lancaster is number four so it was definitely a tough match. The other girls told us Keele would play very rough, so be prepared to go in strong for tackles. We were also informed that the last time the two teams played Keele won by double digits. This made me nervous.

Within the first few minutes of the game, I noticed the Keele girls were much more aggressive and physical than I was expecting; however, Lancaster held with them for some time. But towards the end of the first half, we let in two cheap goals and went into halftime down 2-0. After talking with the rest of the team, we knew we had the ability to beat Keele. We came out strong in the second half and scored two goals to tie the game. The first goal was from a ball that had been bouncing around in the box and Charlotte found the net. I scored the next one off a cross from Becky. The game was intense for the remainder of the second half, however within the last five minutes, we let in two more goals and lost the game 4-2. It was one of those games we know we could have won but just didn’t go our way that day. But, I am looking forward to playing Manchester University with the Lancaster girls this Wednesday and getting a win!


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My name is Erin Davison and I am a math major and soccer player at the College of Wooster. I have traveled a lot with my family in the past, and always knew I wanted to study abroad in college. I am very excited to live in Lancaster, England for 5 months!
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