Hi everyone, sorry for the delay on the posts, but I have something great to write about today! Yesterday I spend the day in Edinburgh, Scotland, and had the most amazing time! It was by far the coolest city I have seen so far! The city is separated by a small bridge into the newer section with shopping, restaurants, and nightlife, and the historic section with Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, and much older architecture.

We started off the day going over to the historic section. While crossing over there was a Scottish rock band playing a mixture of the drums and bigpipes and wearing kilts. The music was really entertaining so we watched and danced for a little before moving on. After walking the steps up to the historic section we climbed the hill and found ourselves right on Royal Mile about 100 yards from the Edinburgh Castle. The castle is built on top of a cliff, so the views of the city from up there were amazing. We spent a long time just admiring it (and how huge it was).

Afterwards we walked the opposite direction down Royal Mile towards Holyrood House, which is the Queen’s residence when she visits Edinburgh. All along Royal Mile there were shops selling kilts, sheep wool, and whiskey. The roads were all cobblestone and the architecture of the buildings made it obvious we were in the historic part of town. We eventually made it to the end of Royal Mile to the Queen’s House and the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Parliament was not at all what we were expecting; It was a very modern building made of concrete with a lot of glass windows. It also had some weird thatched roof look going on. It definitely did not blend into the city. Hoyrood House however was very beautiful with a huge courtyard and fountain in the front driveway and security guards in kilts on duty. Maybe she was there.

After seeing enough pictures of Will and Kate in the Holyrood House gift shop, we headed back again to find The Elephant House. This is the cafe where J.K. Rowling had her inspiration for Harry Potter and wrote the first book in the series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Unfortunately, we received some misguided directions and found ourselves on the outskirts of town at a cafe called Elephants and Bagels. On the up side, on the way there we did pass the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent which was pretty cool. So, after about a three mile detour we eventually found The Elephant House and it was the highlight of my day. It was a cozy little cafe with elephant pictures and statues all over the place on the inside. In the front window, there was a sign that read “The Birthplace of Harry Potter,” but other than that, the cafe was the same as it had been for years before the Harry Potter series. However, in the bathrooms people wrote saying from the books and thank you notes to J.K. Rowling. I wrote “Happy Christmas Harry; Love, Erin.” Also, from the inside there was a gorgeous view of the Edinburgh Castle. I am convinced this is what gave the inspiration for the Hogwarts Castle. I was very sad to leave this place.

Finally, we spent the end of the day exploring the newer section of town. Princes Street is the famous street with all the shopping and great places to eat and drink. I bought a banana and nutella crepe, but that was all, before heading back to Lancaster. I hope I can go back to that city some day.


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My name is Erin Davison and I am a math major and soccer player at the College of Wooster. I have traveled a lot with my family in the past, and always knew I wanted to study abroad in college. I am very excited to live in Lancaster, England for 5 months!
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